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Sketches of Frank Gehry (Sidney Pollack /2006)

Sketches of Frank Gehry (Sidney Pollack /2006)
Dirección: Sydney Pollack.
Productor: Ultan Guilfoyle.
Fotografía: George Tiffin, Claudio Rocha y Marcus Birsel.
Editor: Karen Schmerr.
Música: Claes Nystrom y Jonas Sorman.

The famous director Sidney Pollack, takes us to discover, from the sketches written by the architect Frank Gehry[1], not just to the genesis of his art work, but introduces us in the creative process of one of the most interesing and influencial men of our times.
About the Film
In the ancient Greece, architects and their purpuse were conceived as the articulator of human efforts. He was a man of τέχνη (techné), the one who had enough knowledge to conceive a concept (design it) and produce an object(construct it). The concept of τέχνη (from where the tecnique comes from), as time passed by, was just seen through is production consideration, loosing somehow, its creative aspect and conception.
Along the film, Gehry’s image let us find within him, the man with τέχνη, the processes from which his pieces had been taking shape and the elements that had let him foreseen desings that challenge the principles of construction and edification and the capacity to make them true. Gehry’s work is con conceptual, he designs to make his sketches become structures that transform the space that lodges them.
Lets take under consideration the relationship between Arquitecture have always had with power. Design had been a commodity that only a very reduced group had enjoyed, due the expensive costs that require to develop a project an make it come true.
Last century, with the masification of almost everything, arts included, shows us the presence of Design in our lives. That’s why it becomes so interesting to know and learn about the work of an avante- garde artist in the fileld of design, because architecture reflections are about spaces in which our lives develop and happen, call it home, office, entertainment, religious practices, etc.
Frank Gehry’s work invite us to think and consider arquitecture as a profesión, considering the profesional who works it. Gehry shows us the possibility of watching the architect not as a simple producer, but as an artist, as a man with the power and capacity to take us to an absolut aesthetic experience, in which man really considers, stares and gets in touch with the space sorrounding him. He achieves it due to the managing forms, objects, and of course, the way he forseens how light will interact with his work.
To have the opportunity to watch a documental on Gehry’s work, is the best way to get close to this art that implys watching in an empty space a design that adequates to it.

Traducido por: Paola Fattorini.

[1] Who has become a cultural reference. Lets remenber the chapter from "The Simpsons”, 16th seasson ( The Seven-Beer Snitch /2005) in which Springfield builds a concert auditorium with a Gehr’s design (whom by the way, participates with his own voice in that episode). The auditórium looses its attractiveness y finaly ends up becoming the new penitenciary of the city.
Without a doubt, a reference from the critics that Guggenheim Museum received in Bilbao.

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